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In the heart of Europe

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I was in Praha (or Prague) a couple of weeks ago. Praha is a neat little capitol of a beautiful state in the middle of Europe.

Old city is full of buildings with great design, each is different from the others. City’s old buildings – unscathed in the world war – and neatly dressed old ladies and gentlemen make the whole place a surreal theme park.
An old Czech lady was telling me that she has seen her country occupied by three regimes: Germans, Soviets and now tourists 🙂
While Praha is a clean city, the most unpleasant experience was its cigarette smoke. Restaurants and most souvenir shops had an ambiance of tobacco haze.

In the city I marveled at the architecture and design of Obecní Dům (or the Municipal House) where every door knob and hinge seems to have been crafted with the same care and attention to detail as rest of the ornate building.

Czech countryside is full of castles that dwarf any western mockups in both in size and grandeur. Spring weather was brilliant with full bloom of yellow flowers on lush green grazing grounds and bright red roofs.

The thing I enjoyed most was an evening walk in the hilly Village of Large Bungalows (sorry I don’t recall the name of the Village). It was a small village with large houses with beautiful gates, gardens, statues, fountains and luxury cars. Dates on the houses ranged from 1800 to 1950s and styles reflecting the era they were built in. There were rows and rows of such bungalows. There seemed to be only one restaurant in town which was closed.


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