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Goodthings: The Greatest Invention since Bell’s Telephone..

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No, its not the iPhone, nor VoIP and forget the cordless phones.. A while back, shopping for a land line phone. I would ask the shop sales folks if they had anything which had:

  • quick dial – i.e ability to directly dial a handful of numbers quickly (max one or two button press)
  • mute button
  • speaker phone
  • no AC adapter or batteries

I am surprised that there are really advanced phones (phones with bluetooth, skype etc.,) which don’t even have
quick dial settings. (I returned a good glossy black Philips Skype phone because it had no quick dial!)
At first it did not seem possible for me that such a phone could exist, because the smart sales folks at Fry’s or BestBuy
told me that they had never seen aything like that. The closest they could get was a Panasonic
It did not have an AC adapter but needed three batteries.

Then recently I stumbled upon this GE phone at OfficeDepot. (There is also an Activa branded one which is exactly the same model) It provided all the features I was looking for without an ugly AC adapter or batteries. I couldn’t believe it, I unpacked it in store to double check what it claimed on the carton. Apparently it is powered by the telephone line! It doesn’t have glossy black designer finish, but it gets my nomination for the greatest invention in telephone hardware since Alexander Gram Bell’s phone.

A cordless phone which adds two more cords at poor voice quality isn’t an advancement, a 500 number phone book which gets erased every time the power gets disconnected isn’t an advancement, but a phone which gives more features without retrogression is worth a praise.


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29 Mar 2008 at 3:40 pm

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Goodthings: Daylights

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Things that deserve appreciation, should be appreciated, however trivial they are.
For what ever its worth, these notes of appreciation may help those in making decisions when needed.
I recently replaced all old electric filament bulbs at home with Compact Fluorescent Lights.

The prevalence of Edison era dim bulbs in USA surprises me.
Bulbs are rare in India, as most of Indian households use Fluorescent Lights. –> Insert Asrani’s classic “Ram laxman Bulb dena ” commecial here <–.

Even with Energy Saving CFLs with PG&E Rebates available in plenty harware shops, most give a dull yellowish light. Beware of the words “soft white light”, it means “dim”. The good lamps are those that say “daylight” or 5000 K+ ratings. Some shops don’t even keep stock of them and PG&E doesn’t seem to give a rebate on them. They may be couple of dollars more, but are worth for their natural light. Also look for lamps that say faststart or quick start, since ordinary CFLs take time to get to their full brightness.

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9 Mar 2008 at 8:57 pm

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