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Night on the Royal Highway or El Camino Real (ell-ka-mi-no-rree-yal)

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It was about 10:30 in the night. I was about to park my car inside our garage,
then the cool October night with a crescent moon tempted me to continue riding down the empty street.

El Camino Real or ‘The Royal Highway’ is only a furlong away from our house.
At night, while most of the shops were closed with lights off, few restaurants were still open.
There were people cleaning the footpaths and picking garbage like zombies; homeless people
pushing shopping carts in search of a place to sleep.

As a kid I had a BMX bicycle. While it was fun riding something that looked
like a miniature motorcycle, I never had thought that some people could be using them to commute to work.
All long the road there were many peddling down the footpath on a BMX bicycle.
Some may have been riding it for miles from affluent parts of the bay area towards slums.
Life on the The Royal Highway at night didn’t look as cheerful and colorful as it looks during the day
when car showrooms sport balloons and real estate agents wiggle signboards like clowns.


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16 Oct 2007 at 12:53 am

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