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iPhone and The Dog That can do Many Tricks

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Saw an iPhone in an apple store in San Jose. There was a small crowd
gathered around it. I had to wait for my turn to examine this wonder
gadget that is making news, or made news, since the hype has subsided.

iPhone seems like just one centimeter away from my vision of an All-in-one card.
Many other smart phones in the market today are also that close. My an year old Linux phone Motorola MING, though lacked wifi, seems to
have everything iPhone has hardware-wise. Interface on iPhone is much better, though navigation is confusing at times. iPhone is like a dog which can do many tricks, but crippled because the owner wanted to sell a wheel chair service plan with it 😦

Mobile communication industry in USA lags behind rest of the world by
years – limited choice, lack of competition, poor coverage, legacy
protocols and services like SMS and mutimedia, still seen as
premium features!!. I am hoping that iPhone and immitations would bring changes.


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5 Aug 2007 at 1:58 pm

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