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Week to go for FIRST 2006 Baltimore

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The largest annual gathering of Computer Security folks (FIRST) who keep the world’s computing infrastructure safe, (aka white hats) is happening in Baltimore in a weeks time.

Sun is one of the Supporting Sponsors of FIRST 2006. If you are a security geek fighting the dark and evil forces of the underground, you wouldn’t want to miss attending this. Registrations are still open.


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19 Jun 2006 at 8:43 am

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Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger, Roaring Lion, the Galloping Horse and more..

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I was looking at a news report about Apple using Chinese slave labor to make iPods. Although I have seen map of China numerous times, this time I could recognize a Dragon hidden in the map outline!
Then I opened a world map. Using a little bit of imagination, I could then see a crouching tiger in sub-continent,
a roaring lion in Europe, a galloping horse in Mongolia and North, a bear in Russia, an elephant, rhino and a gorilla in Africa, an emu in Australia, an eagle in North America and so on… Here is a quick and rough sketch of my imagination:


If more color is added to the animals, perhaps painted as they would be traditionally, this concept could be used in a jig-saw puzzle or a T-shirt design.
You can also use the line diagram SVG image under CC-Attribution-ShareAlike licence.

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17 Jun 2006 at 6:12 pm

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What is so special about June 14th 2005?

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Run this Perl one liner to find out:

perl -e ‘print pack(s11, 6 * 14 – 05, 14 . 6 – (6 . 6), 6 * 14 – 14 ^ 6 / (14 % 6), 14 * 6 – 6, 6 * 14 – 2005 % 6, 14 * 6 – 05, 6 * 14 – 14 + 6, 6 . 5, 14 * 6 – 14 % 6, 2005 % (6 * 14), 6 * 14 – 2005 % 6)’

(Translation: One year ago on 2005-06-14 we neatly packed and presented a major portion of what would be s11 (Solaris 11) with lot of planning and effort. The program is running successfully; the result is a growing and active OPENSOLARIS community!)


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14 Jun 2006 at 1:35 pm

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Top Edge Monks for GNOME Desktop

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Here is a background image, inspired by a Svetoslav Roerich (a Russian born who lived near Bangalore) painting
What have Top Edge Monks to do with GNOME Desktop?

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12 Jun 2006 at 9:44 am

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Nirakarana or The Refusal

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Thanks to Vinay who had brought a short novel by S. L. Bhairappa and left it behind with me, I read Nirakarana (ni-raa-ka-ra-Na) or Refusal in one sitting. Bhairappa is a popular novelist, popular in the sense that his novels are read by people who normally never read.

It is the story of a poor migrant typist in Bombay – a widower who is unable to take care of his five little children, advertises in the Times of India that he is giving them away for adoption. After all the children find different parents and homes, he becomes sad and confused. He deserts the life in Bombay, and goes on a spiritual quest to the Himalaya mountains.

Becoming a saffron clad sadhu (sage), he travels to holy sites like RudraPrayag and Kedarnath in search of a sadhu who lives there all the twelve months, even when the temple closes for winter. The twelve-month-baba (bara-masi – I just couldn’t stop laughing at this name) who is meditating there naked, doesn’t talk to him much. He spends few months in the harsh winter with heavy snowfall,
and returns to the GauriKund (a hot spring). Then while trying to swim upstream he finds himself several miles down the river. Then joins another sadhu on a quest to go down the river Ganga on its North bank till Calcatta take a U turn and come back on the South bank. But on the way he settles down in Varanasi as a begging sadhu.

After all this aimlessly wandering and begging for years, he realizes how empty and hypocritical the ‘spiritual’ life around him is. He leaves Varanasi and goes back to Bombay to become a warden in an orphanage.
A fellow worker at the orphanage, on hearing his life story sets out to find the whereabouts of his children…

As with any other Bhairappa’s novel, this novel is full of colorful character sketches combined with great story telling. Characters are amusing, painting of life in Bombay, Himalays and Varanasi is vivid, and you would want to keep reading the book till the last page.

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11 Jun 2006 at 9:10 pm

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