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Pictures: Solaris on Ferrari

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The red Acer Ferrari laptop is a really cool piece of equipment,
especially when it is running Solaris 64 bit. Its mouse and red top make an excellent subject for photography. Here are a few shots with Solaris running on it.
You would forget those colorless apples 🙂


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22 Mar 2005 at 7:04 am

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In Singapore

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Due to a technical difficulty
in my plane from SFO to HongKong I had a terrible journey back home which consumed most of my last week since Tuesday evening. Crisis management by Singapore Airlines was excellent. It was evident, with a blast and the strong vibration during take off that there was something wrong with the tyres. Plane took off nevertheless
and everything seemed to be OK. I sighed with relief, but the pilot travelled for about an hour into Pacific to dump most of the fuel (which I think was to minimize fire incase we had a crash landing)
Then there was a U turn back to SanFrancisco airport.
[news report]

That upset rest of my schedule, with one unplanned visit to Singapore.
I took a walk on Orchard Street towards Sun’s Central Mall office, then further down to Parliament house and back. Singapore is extremely hot and humid. Bangalore is a heaven!

Roads and places are kept clean but the cigarette smell fills the air. Singapore roads are full of smokers. There seem to be roads to everything from here: There is a road to white house, and another apparently to HongKong.

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14 Mar 2005 at 6:21 am

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