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Solaris is most popular amongst top 100 universities

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An interesting survey shows that the “Most popular OS amongst top 100 universities is: Sun Solaris”. It says:

Exact number of universities using:
1. Sun Solaris (7/8/9): 47
2. Linux: 31
3. FreeBSD: 6
4. Microsoft Windows 2000: 5
5. Compaq Tru64 UNIX: 2
6. Microsoft Windows Server 2003: 2
7. IBM AIX: 2
8. Microsoft Windows NT/98: 1
9. BSD/OS: 1
10. Unknown: 3

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31 Jan 2005 at 10:26 pm

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At Kasturbaa Road Office today..

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Dropped into Sun’s new Kasturbaa Road Office today.
Its a tall slim building right next to the Science Museum and the Aquarium.
Cafeteria gives you a wonderful view of Vidhana Soudha
and High Court,
hovering above the trees of Cubbon park. What a wonderful scenery of green, red and the granite!

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29 Jan 2005 at 1:09 am

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Simplifying the Lions

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Almost a year ago when I was walking past a gate in London, saw a familiar symbol hung on the gate in a big way. On the tea-bags it almost un-recognizable – you may only see a lion and a horse holding a tortoise. The figure on the gate was very intricate and detailed.
Making me wonder how could any one ever make accurate copies of it to be printed on tea bags. Thought it is almost impossible to print it on paper in black and white or in small size.

Some times later I stumbled on this print that was part of a report.
Admired the way in which something terribly complicated as the lion and the unicorn on the gate has been reduced to flat neat line art.

Saranath Lions aren’t less complicated either. Most replicas barely resemble the original two thousand year old lion capital.
They too are not printer friendly. When printed in small size lions are unrecognizable. It looks more like a flower with three petals.

Could that have been simpler? I collected pictures of lions and tried to iconify their facial features. Then roughly sketched a face both front and side views making sure that proportions were correct and matched both the images. Scanned them and traced lines with Sodipodi over the scanned images. Next colored them and added shadows and shining using Gimp. These certainly do not look like the ancient raging lions.

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26 Jan 2005 at 9:50 am

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Info Security News Desk

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There is a new blog titled “Information Security News Desk” on – “collection of clippings deemed interesting by various members of the information security community”

Also another interesting syndication is infosec daily

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5 Jan 2005 at 6:00 am

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